Pull Up Assist Bands - 5 Band Set

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This set includes 5 different bands for different levels of resistance that will pair with your workout perfectly! The set allows you to easily and conveniently adjust the level of resistance during a workout routine.
  • Blue: 60-175 lbs of resistance - 41 in. L x 2.5 in. W
  • Green: 50-125 lbs of resistance - 41 in. L x 1.75 in. W
  • Purple: 35-85 lbs of resistance - 41 in. L x 1.25 in. W
  • Black: 25-65 lbs of resistance - 41 in. L x 3/4 in. W
  • Red: 10-35 lbs of resistance - 41 in. L x ½ in. W
As you make gains in your workout routine, you will want to add, subtract or switch out resistance band levels. The thicker, more resistant band will aid you in mastering the pull up, but when utilizing the bands for other exercises such as curls and shoulder presses, a lower resistance may be ideal as you build up your strength.


Need help doing a pull up? Rehabbing after an injury? These cross-training resistance bands are used in the gym, home or in physical therapy for pull up help, resistance exercises, power lifting, stretching, mobility work, functional fitness and achieving your new PR at Crossfit. The versatility and functional simplicity of the pull-up assist bands allow you attack and exceed your goals at your own pace and comfort level.


These bands are not just for pull-ups. Along with the benefits mobility bands add to your pull up goals, you can tie these loop resistance bands to a post and twist your body for a great oblique workout. Stand on the band for curls and shoulder presses. Utilize the bands for calf, hamstring, or any other lower body exercise or add them to your yoga, pilates routine.


Made with premium, high grade latex rubber, these durable pull up bar bands have been designed and tested to be the highest quality you can find. The power lifting stretch bands won’t break or become deformed under stress.

URBNFit’s pull up resistance bands are the perfect tool for your pull up progression and fitness routine. With pull up assist resistance bands you will develop, train and KEEP the muscles needed to complete an unassisted pull up. By utilizing the resistance band’s force, you will hit more muscle groups in your positive and negative muscle movement as you complete the workout.


The pull up help bands are made with durable, tough layers of rubber that won’t break or deform under stress. A versatile workout tool, they assist when learning and creating muscle memory while doing pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. They also allow you to perform a variety of exercises that will strengthen your core and tone your lower body.