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Sale Pro-X Edition Bfr Bands - Just Pull To Tighten (Retail)

PRO-X Edition BFR Bands - Just Pull to Tighten™️ (Retail)


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BFR Bands

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  • Optimal 2 inch width
  • Ultra comfortable and durable elastic material
  • Patent-Pending, Easy Pull-to-Tighten Pinch-Free Buckle 
  • Patent-Pending Pressure Tracking System so you can train with Symmetry and Precision
  • Elastic Loop holder to hold the slack in place
  • Includes Free BFR Carrying Bag & a Copy of the BFR Training ebook
  • 25 inches in length

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review
Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Perfect bands if You want Bigger Arms
If you don't want your arms to grow, you might want to stay away from these. I have tried the classic and Pro BFR bands and they were great... but the Pro-X are even better. They are so easy to adjust and get the same tension on each side. There's also a piece that holds the strap and keeps it from flapping around. I highly recommend Occlusion training and specifically these bands here.

- John B

Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Great Bands
These are very comfortable on the arm while working out. Easy to put on and take off one handed. An excellent product.

Thomas Totman

Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

"These bands are great!"
I do pyramid sets and burnout sets at the end, with the bands I can start with the burnout sets! With a slight variation I'm doing the 30-10-10-10 rep sets. They are a little short for my legs so it takes a few extra seconds to apply (I'm at stretching point when putting them around my legs) it's great when something comes up and I'm pressed for time to get a workout in or just for variation to keep things fresh.

- Michael D O'Briain

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