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Sale #beastmode Bundle - Arm Bands Leg & Full Workout Program

PRO Bundle - PRO Arm Bands, QUAD Wrap Leg Bands & FULL Workout Program

$127.00 $182.94

Unavailable Available Only few left Out of stock Pre-order
BFR Bands

Product Videos

This Bundle Includes:

  • PRO BFR Bands for Arms
  • QUAD WRAP BFR Bands for Legs
  • BFR Alpha – Digital Workout Program (includes 5 workout videos, one for each muscle group)





* Carrying case bag sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Seems to work but only got recently
I have always had a hard time getting a workout on my biceps. As I got older, the elbow joint got some arthritis so my muscle is stronger than the joint, making it even harder to work out the muscle. I got this about 1 month ago after reading about blood flow restriction exercise. Initially I had a hard time getting on.

- StoneMountain

I feel the pump from the very first day. I’m looking for more definition, since I already have size. Great help.

- Cliford F.

The pump is real!
Loving my new BFR bands. Tried multiple different workouts for different body parts ( arms, quads, calves ) and every time I get the same result. ONE INCREDIBLE PUMP!

- Antonio Somma Fitness

Customer service deserves 5 stars!
They are easy to use, I get a better pump from them and they fatigue my arms quicker with light weight. They did not fit around my thighs which was annoying, but their customer service department sent me long ones which work out a lot better. The best part was that I didn’t have to contact them, they contacted me and I just mentioned that the bands didn’t fit around my thighs and they told me they would send the longer ones, no charge.

- Benjamin

Highly recommend these occlusion training bands
These are great occlusion training bands and perfectly made. These are tough and durable and will work together with even the most rigorous workouts. Grab some of these today!

- Wade Harman

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