Occlusion Training Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Blood Flow Restriction training and our range of Occlusion Bands.

What does occlusion training do to the body?

Occlusion training causes the muscles to work harder than in a normal weight workout. Elastic BFR Bands partially restrict venous blood return. This makes muscles work even harder to pump blood back to the heart.

Is occlusion training safe?

Yes, studies show that blood flow occlusion training is safe and effective. Occlusion training is performed with light weights only (~20% of 1RM), it puts significantly less stress on the nervous system and body. One study even states that occlusion training is safer than traditional weight training that is performed with heavier loads that can cause stress on the body.

Who is occlusion training best for?

Occlusion training is for those looking to gain lean muscle mass without lifting heavy weights all of the time, those recovering from injuries, or those just seeking rapid gains in muscle size.

What are the benefits of occlusion training?

Occlusion training creates a bolus of blood and nutrients that floods to the muscles and joints. This process is known to strengthen tissue. Stronger ligaments and tendons are important for injury prevention. In addition, it can lower your brain’s “threat” levels, which makes your brain feel comfortable to increase your muscle strength contractile capabilities.

How often should I perform occlusion training?

For most people, 2-3 days per week is sufficient. Make sure that you are listening to your body while doing it. Every body is different, so you may have to increase or decrease depending on you.

How tight should the bands “feel” when I’m working out with them?

Your band should be tight, but not too tight to where you don’t have your full range of motion when working out. It’s important to choose a band strength that will allow you to get the most out of your workout. Consult a professional if you are uncertain about what strength is best for you.

How can I incorporate the bands into my daily workout routine?

The bands are very versatile when you want to use them. You can use them in your current workout routine or use them for a cool down. In addition, you can wear them on your legs while you’re performing light cardio for 20 minutes.

Where should I place the bands?

The BFR Bands can be placed on the upper arms (if training upper body) or upper legs if training lower body. The bands do not have to directly occlude an area to provide benefit. For example, you will get the benefits of occlusion training for muscle groups like the chest and back when the bands are on the arms, even though they are not directly occluded.

How many sets and repetitions should I be doing?

This really depends on the context of your fitness goals. Generally, you will see the best results performing 4-6 exercises for 3-10 sets each and 20-50 repetitions each. The weight used should be very light (only 20% of your 1 repetition maximum) and the rest period between sets should be short (20-30 seconds). For best results, contact a professional to see what works best for your body to reach your goals.

What are the main differences between the different bands?

PRO Bands - These bands are 2 inches wide and made of an extra strong, durable elastic material. They are great for someone more advanced and those with more muscular body types. Because of the additional width, these can also work better the lower body. They have a patented pull-to-tighten system for easy one-handed operation, plus markings for tracking pressure, and training with symmetry and consistency.

RIGID Edition Bands - These come in two sizes. One size is for arms and is 18 inches long and the other is for legs and is 30 inches long. Both are 2 inches wide. These bands are rigid with little elasticity and use a slim metal slider. These are most popular for those who want something rigid and prefer the metal slider instead of a buckle.

DOUBLE Wrap Bands - These bands are 3 inches wide and 42 inches long and are most popularly used for legs and calves. With two portions of velcro, these bands are quick and easy to wrap up. The first portion of velcro helps you get the wrap started and held in place while the second portion of velcro holds the end in place.

PRO SLIM Bands - These bands are ultra comfortable with extra thick elastic bands with 1” width and 25” length. To add to comfortability, there is a patent-pending comfort wrapped metal buckle to hold the band securely. With a patent-pending pressure tracking system, you will be able to train with symmetry and consistency.