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Ultra Comfortable Compression Bands Quick & Easy to Put On or Take Off  Sleek Material and Discreet Design Based on a bodybuilding best-kept secret, known as Occlusion Training Based on over 25 Years of Research A Pair of 2 Bands to Help you Build a Bigger Booty While Lifting Body Weight...
21 Day #BEASTMODE ARMS Protocol
Build Bigger Arms with this Ebook. Here's what's inside: 21 Day Protocol Detailed workout program with exercises, sets, reps, and rest periods BFR "Finisher" Protocol
-17% Sold Out
Sold as a single band which is 28 inches in circumference Designed to go around both knees/thighs to enhance glute medius and glute maximus activation Great for building a better booty Improve form on Squats and side steps Ultra comfortable Elastic
21 Day BEASTMODE LEGS Protocol
21 Day Program using BFR training to take your legs to the next level! Ebook is delivered digitally to you immediately

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