How Does Kaatsu Occlusion Training Increase Your Muscle Size?

How Does Kaatsu Occlusion Training Increase Your Muscle Size?

If you are getting tired of heavy weightlifting exercises, then maybe it’s time for you to switch to Kaatsu occlusion training and actually benefit from a lighter kind of muscle gain program. Kaatsu is one of the recent methods that introduces impressive muscle growth without actually going for heavy weight training exercises at the gym. This is good news if you are among the list of the individuals who want to take a break from tiring and energy-draining exercises.

What is Kaatsu? 

Kaatsu is a Japanese muscle training program introduced to the public by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato. Through the years, he has experimented and perfected the method of occlusion training, which as the name suggests, controls the flow of blood going to the area which is being worked out on.

The first few individuals who tried out the procedure are Japanese athletes who have shown a great deal of improvement in their performance in various sports events after undergoing Kaatsu. Aside from impressive growth, Kaatsu is also known to improve the endurance and strength of the muscles.

How Does the Training Work?

Normally, Kaatsu training bands or cuffs are placed on the limbs being trained. During occlusion training, the veins are the ones receiving less amount of blood flow. This is to trigger the brain to release a surge of growth hormones as part of the normal response of the body.

However, there is an importance of ensuring that the arteries remain unaffected to prevent the occurrence of adverse effects. For this reason, Kaatsu bands are pressurized and often come with instructions as to how tight the occlusion should be and for how long it should remain on the limbs during training.

What Are the Alternatives?

For individuals who happen to have zero access to these pressurized cuffs, there is an alternative used by gym experts. Other versions of these Kaatsu cuffs come in the form of rubberized bands which are being wrapped on top of the limbs being trained. The resulting constriction to these veins offer an effect similar to that of a Kaatsu cuff.

Usually, occlusion trainings are being done twice a week. There is a need to consult an expert in case you want to try out the training for a start. This way, you can be sure that you are met with higher success rates when trying out occlusion training for the first time.

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